Willow Ware Memories

Willow Ware Memories

This teapot for the upcoming tea party brings back memories. The pattern on this teapot is called Willow Ware. Growing up my mom had a set of Willow Ware. The Willow Ware was brought back from Japan by her brother when he was in the military. This Willow Ware was extra precious to her because her brother died young.

So what did she do with this precious Willow Ware? Many would say to protect it and keep it locked away in the cabinet where maybe you can see it, but not take it out because it might get broken. This would be especially true if you knew my family.There are twelve kids including 7 boys. And these boys were not exactly calm children.

Mom did not keep the willow Ware tucked away in a cabinet. Her Willow Ware was used for many, many special occasions. Special occasions like Christmas or Thanksgiving or Easter our maybe a birthday. It was not saved for only the absolutely best occasions when visitors came. Her children were special enough for the Willow Ware to come out of the cabinet. She did not leave it tucked away in safety. She brought out the Willow Ware for all of us to use and enjoy and make memories.

And we have memories of this Willow Ware. Each time I see the Willow Ware pattern I think of our family meals. I think of the bench along the back side of the table that we had to climb under the table to get to a spot. I think of the birthday cakes that mom made herself. I think of the Christmases surrounding these dishes. Family time, Happy times, Delicious food times. And I remember my mom and all of the things that she taught me about how to make food and how to be welcoming and caring. So many memories just from a simple blue and white pattern.

So remember when you have precious items whether it’s dishes or a handmade quilt or anything passed down or given to you by someone special. Don’t tuck it in a cabinet afraid that will get damaged or broken. Turn these items into memories.

What items Bring Back special memories from your childhood?

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