The Healing of the Beets

Yeah, I’m so happy. The beets are healing themselves. I didn’t know that was a thing, but apparently sugar beets can heal themselves after a freeze. I had thought that we were waiting for the fields to dry out so we can go back to piling beets, but apparently we are waiting for the beets to heal themselves. And they are almost ready for harvest. Happy. Happy. We received a call today saying that we should be back to work in the next 24 to 48 hours. So as long as the weather doesn’t throw us a curve ball the days of waiting are over. So I made sure to get a nap this afternoon so I can get back on to the night schedule better. With so much time off I’d started staying up more and more during the day.

But before the nap we had one last bit of day time fun. We went to the park with our neighbors. We were so glad that they invited us to join them. The park wasn’t anything spectacular, but getting out of the RV for time with new friends was fantastic and appreciated. The boys enjoyed having their friends join them in reviewing the park.

The boys spent time working on Legos.  Shaynen created some more mechs with backstories related to a post apocolyptic world where all the icebergs have been melted creating a world of water.  I love both his ability to create cool Legos and his imagination to create stories about them.

Lego MOCs with ant- instant plant growth arbor

Now the boys are asleep and I’m working on staying awake until at least 4 or 5 am.  It’s so quiet  Life is so rarely quiet with my two little zebras.   I will do the dishes from supper and a little cleaning that I can do quietly, but after that it will be computer time. Since I’ve been on the night schedule I’ve been watching Netflix. I usually don’t get to watch much because the shows I like are true crime shows like NCIS and Criminal Minds. Not the type of things that I want the boys to glance at and end up with nightmares over. I work on my blog or our YouTube channel or browse Facebook or color on my mandala table cloth while I watch. I’m not the type that can easily sit and do just one thing at a time. The odd part about getting to watch so much Netflix is that usually when would I check the time and think it’s getting late I need to stop watching and get to sleep. Now my mind thinks it’s not late enough, I need to watch more. 

I also took some time to read about the history of sugar beets.  I had not idea that the history of sugar beets included war, Napolean,  and abolitionists. I knew that the by-products of sugar production from sugar beets as well as the greens are used for cattle feed.  I didn’t know that other by-products are used for de-icing roads.

Binge watching Netflix, learning new things, petting the cats and constantly catching up on Facebook are nice, but I’ll be glad when we can get back to work so we can get the harvest done, earn our money and head south.






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