Should we stay or should we go

It seems that the snow may have stopped for the year, I say may have because we never know especially this year. However the wind and the rain have taking over instead. In the midwest, as well as other areas of the country, there is great risk of flooding. There are only a few inches of rain falling, but in combination with other factors flooding is a very big threat. The snow is melting yet under the ground only a few in the ground is still frozen so the water in the very drenched soil has nowhere to go. And in the rivers there is the possibility of ice dams as the ice breaks up.

I can avoid all of the flooding by being careful and not going to low-lying areas, but the wind is another story. Since I am now driving an RV all the time I have had to learn to be aware of wind. I no longer look at forecasts just to see if it will be wet or dry or how warm or how cold. I have to be aware of how hard the wind will blow.

This week we are planning to drive on Thursday for a couple hours. But the forecast is saying heavy winds along with rain. I hate to reschedule appointments again, but for safety we may need to.  I decide to reschedule the appointments that are on Thursday so we can head out on Wednesday instead.  The wind doesn’t look like it is supposed to be too bad until the evening.  We can make our Wednesday appointment and still make our trip before it gets too windy.  I will reevaluate in the morning as they update the forecasts.

Mean while the boys have been having fun in the melting snow.  Just below the surface the snow is melted to slush so when they stomp their feet it erupts like a volcano.  The snow is also perfect for packing to make snowballs and snow creatures.  It’s a good thing dry clothes are always close by.



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