Quiet house

today was my first day since the surgery where I did not use any of the prescription pain meds. Part of that was because it did not hurt too much, but the biggest reason was because I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to the new pain med too. Last night I kept getting itchier and itchier and itchier even with taking Benadryl. Then when I fell asleep I woke up feeling like I was choking.

So another one bites the dust. Another pain med that I can’t have. Or I will have to take very carefully and only when I’m awake and monitoring closely.

Thankfully my pain level was fairly low today. I was able to keep it in check with just a little bit of Tylenol.  I mostly just laid on the sofa and did almost nothing. It’s really hard for me to lay there and do nothing. Especially when I’m visiting my sister. I always feel like I should be up helping her and getting things done. But today I managed to just take it easy and not do a whole lot.

I went into the table with her for a while and we sorted through Christmas presents and figured out what goes under the tree for now and what for Christmas morning and things like that. She had bought a whole bunch of things for the boys since I hadn’t gotten the Christmas shopping done before I broke my elbow then she wrapped everything. Usually I’m helping her wrap but I would be difficult but just one arm so I didn’t even try

Shaynen Is doing much better now that we’ve been able to get his cyproheptadine filled. He’s not throwing up anymore and his stomach is starting to feel better. I’m so glad for that.

Rethan is feeling better now that there’s not so many people in the house. It was just very overwhelming for him even though he loved Having fun with the kids.

it’s all quieter now. it seems very odd to say the house is quiet because it’s just my boys there. Usually my boys make the house very noisy. But this time it’s like the story of a farmer who goes to the wise man and tells him that his house is too loud. The wise man has him bring all the animals from the farm into the house . Then at the end he has him take all the animals back out and the farmer said his house is very quiet finally. It’s all relative compared to what you are used to.


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