More storms

We made it back to the Omaha area after some more repairs on the RV. Starting to sound like a broken record. The RV wouldn’t start for us. My brother, the mechanic, said there was a bad ground.

He also figured out the Phantom generator starting on its own problem. We are isolated that to the dash button to turn on the generator from the inside. We disconnected the inside button for now. I will have to go outside to start the generator but at least it won’t be starting on its own all the time.

We arrived back in Omaha with a full week of doctor appointments, but with the coming storms I had to cancel the last three of the week because the winds would be gusting more than 40 or 50 miles per hour. That is a disadvantage to not having a toad. We headed out to Mahoney State Park so we would have plenty of nature to enjoy and we could go over to the Sak Aaron Space Museum as well.

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