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Mask patternsMask videosBias tape: pins
Olson style Bias tape: cardstock
Olson StyleTshirt ties
Olson mask Olson mask
with filter pocket Pleats cardboard
Duckbill Mask Duckbill maskpleats cardboard jig
Iron pleats
Communicator MaskCommunicator maskSheet conversion chart
Free nose pieces
Northeastern Study of Mask materials
Nylons over top, not sewn in
April 17, 2020

Summary of the study below:
Copied from a friend:
This is a CRITICAL NEW STUDY, which tested Particle Filtration rate of several masks, it included a WW2 tactic of adding a nylon stocking overlayer; they found this improved efficacy to EQUAL OR GREATER THAN N95 MEDICAL GRADE MASK! The nylon is not sewn, but rather a type of tube (say you cut the nylon leg of a stocking into segments so you end with a bunch of nylon rings big enough that they would go over and create a layer that would stretch from the nose to the throat, essentially stretching as a nylon “cover” over the cloth mask. There are implications for MATERIALS as well in this study; 2 layer cotton PLUS A FILTER LAYER being best. Please include a filter layer or pocket going forward if you do not currently.
Critically, they found the Halyard600 did NOT work as previously suggested. They used various filter materials and patterns, but COTTON material, a FILTER all rated around N60 on their own, but with the addition of NYLON overlayer, most patterns shot up to N90-99! You may wish to include a note/link to the study with your finished masks and advise to wear WITH stocking overlay. All of these would be washable/reusable, but please also include either directions on how to properly DON and DOFF the masks as well (or a link thereto). First link will be the study; PLS GIVE ALL CREDIT TO Northeastern University
Face Mask Material Study
April 21, 2020
COVID-19 Why we should all wear masks
March 26, 2020

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