Bucket and Life Lists

I have a bucket list like many people do although there are so many things I want to see and do that its really impossible to create for me.

Shannon’s Bucket List

Shaynen Bucket List

Rethan Bucket List

What I’ve really enjoyed doing is writing my life list, things that I have already done in life.  Some are things that would be included on a bucket list, but others are things that are different or memorable.

One of my sisters introduced me to the idea.  She said that when she is in the nursing home one day she doesn’t want people to think, poor little old lady.  She wants them to see the list and think, “Wow! She really lived life.” That’s my thoughts too.

Since my life lists are ever changing here are the links to the google sheets

Shannon Life List

Shaynen Life List

Rethan Life List

Let me know if you what you would like to hear about on the blog.