Indoor Fun ideas

Thanks to Karla for these ideas

1) Pull out those card and board games and engage with your kids

2) Play outside in the yard for fresh air and exercise. Sports, races, bikes, tree climbing, etc.

3) Picnic in the yard if the weather permits

4) Play video games WITH your kids.

5) Let them have some downtime without strict schedules every day.

6) Read aloud great books together, OR listen to great audio books while doing chores, etc

7) Have a Minecraft or Lego building challenge.

8) Cook together. Try new recipes…math in the kitchen.

9) Talk

10) Tackle some spring cleaning projects together so they can earn some cash.

11) Create YouTube playlists of their greatest interests.

12) Have a family movie night or week. Movie marathon anyone?

13) Write letters to grandparents and loved ones.

14) Put out random art supplies and see what they do with it.

15) Ask your kids what they would like to do with you at home…respond positively and try to make it happen.

16) Start a large puzzle together.

17) Look on Pinterest for fun crafts and projects.

18) Google Kitchen Science experiments

19) Have a dance challenge

1. Start a sketchbook, even if you think your drawing is terrible. (The act of drawing objects sharpens your powers of observation.)
2. Read a book.
3. Play board games. (Keeping score is good arithmetic practice.)
4. Write a letter to elderly loved ones who you can’t visit in person.

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