Here Comes the Sun

We have been here exactly two weeks and finally we saw lots of sun today. It was windy too, a cold wind, but a wind that will hopefully helped to dry out the fields so we can get back to work piling beets. The weather in the near future is looking promising and I’m so glad because I’m getting tired.  I am getting tired of waiting. Tired of sitting inside the RV most days. Tired of the boys being tired and fussing at each other. Tired of worrying if the cold is going to hit before we can get the beets harvested and I can get the RV safely south enough to avoid frozen pipes or dangerous driving conditions.

I worry that I won’t make the money that I need to pay off RV repairs and have a cushion for the next several months of adventures. But then I think about the farmers. The money that I make from the harvest will be important to me and a vital part of our budget, but for the farmers this is their livelihood. They have plowed and planted and watched and waited and worried about these sugar beets for far longer than I or any of the harvest workers have. If they are not able to harvest the beets it would be more devastating to them than missing out on a couple of paychecks. So instead of focusing on my own worries I remind myself to pray for the farmers. I watch the weather and anticipate the harvest not just for myself, but for them and their families as well.

Today was a good day overall despite not working again. The wind was cold, but not enough to make us stay inside. The boys were able to join their friends to play outside. As boys will do, they threw snow balls and chased each other. Shaynen tried to convince me that it was warm enough to go barefoot outside to play, but I tracked him down and made him put on shoes even though it meant a barefoot sprint back to the RV for myself.  The boys also worked on gathering leaves to make a pile to jump in.

Cold Barefoot fun

I took Dune Bug out for his first long walk on his leash. He doesn’t know what to think of the leash and usually just stands there looking at me when he has it on, but today he started walking with it some. He was almost camouflaged when he walked across the leaves on the ground. I know he would rather just run free when he goes outside, but he has gotten much braver and doesn’t stay as close as he did in the beginning so we have to keep him safe.

Kitty cat first walk on a leash

Back inside the RV Dune Bug was happy to snuggle with his favorite little human, Rethan. At least that is what Rethan likes to think. In reality I am working with Rethan to realize that he has to be gentle with the kitten at every point or that kitten will not want to snuggle with him. I’m not sure if it’s his anxiety, sensory issues or his stubbornness that is causing him to try to hold the cat instead of persuade the cat to stay with him by petting him, but slowly he is getting better at letting the cat be in charge. We all know that is the best way to befriend a cat.

As for myself, I spent some time cleaning the RV. I didn’t need to clean the toilet thank goodness. Rethan did that yesterday when he got mud all over the foot pedal. Instead of arguing like he usually would about cleaning he instead cleaned it until it sparkled. He probably used enough spray cleaner to have cleaned it 10x the way I do it, but he got it really clean ans was very proud of himself.

I focused on cleaning the floors. It is unbelievable how much mud and dirt and leaves and rocks get tracked in. Sweeping and shaking rugs and trying to clean reminds me that I really want to change the floor in this RV to a hard surface instead of carpet all over. Just another project to add to the list.

I spent a little time just relaxing coloring on my mandala table cloth. I’m loving the patterns and colors that are coming out in it.

So today I count my blessings of a warm home, food in the cabinets, sun in the sky, friends next door and spending time with my boys.







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