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Shaynen (X_Drakken) has discovered a new dragon game called Flight Rising .  It has been great as  a motivation for writing.  Recently we’ve been able to discuss how to use quotation marks and keeping writing in one tense ( past tense or present tense).  I love this aspect of home school that allows my sons to explore their areas of interest and learn in the process.

Here are some of the snippets of lore he has written about some of his dragons.


   Kestral is an imperial researcher who works alongside the Arcanist.  Here is a recent discovery:

Kestral looked up from his work bench signalling Elisa, his magic nymph.

“I may have found a way to prevent the plague from spreading! Tell the Arcanist of my discovery right away!”

Elisa floated off to the top floor of the observatory. Kestral leaned down to look at his experiment. He dropped a mixture of chemicals into a petri dish of plague infected bacteria. He watched as the movement in the infection ceased. The chemical was preventing the infection from growing. Elisa returns with the Arcanist who looked at his work.

“Hmm.” the Arcanist said. “We could line our borders with this substance.”

Kestral replied, “Yes, to prevent the plague from spreading into our lands!”

“Continue producing the medicine,” ordered the Arcanist.

The Arcanist left.

Elisa popped in “Well, I think that went well.”

Kestral smiled. “Yes, I hope I can make enough. Will you hand me some of the ingredients please.”

Elisa handed him some magic shards and bonepriest venom.

Kestral returned to toiling away at his desk

“Thank you, Elisa.”


Lennia is a dapper dragon.  Along with a love of fine clothing he also loves crystals. Here is one of his recent excursions: 

Lennia left his house knowing it would be a great day. He hoped he could stop by the sushi place to get some dragon rolls, but first he needed to stop by Pacificas house to talk.

He knocked on her door and she opened it wearing a new hat. A beautiful purple hat that he thought looked amazing and he jokingly grabbed it and put it on. Pacifica was suprised at how good it looked on him.

“Wow! You look really good!” said Pacifica.


Lennia told her she looked really good too.

She blushed and didn’t know what to say.

Pacifica then blurted out “Well you look even better!”

Lennia joked a reply, “Thanks! Can i keep it?”

Pacifica was surprised and said yes. She asked him where he was headed.

He responded with ” im headed for sushi. wanna join me?”

“Yes I would love to!”

Lennia then took Pacifica out to eat sushi together.



Darklen is a brave and honorable warrior. He does not falter in the face of danger.  This is a tale of one of his heroic deeds: 

Darklen woke from slumber to shouts and yells as the clan was being attacked by centaur warriors.He rushed out of his cavern to see his village and home in flames. Flaming arrows and flashing blades were all he could see. A large red guardian was knocking centaur warriors aside but forgot about a flaming arrow going towards his chest. Without thinking Darklen lept in front of the arrow saving his soon to be friend but injuring his arm. The red guardian noticed the heroic deed and pulled Darklen aside into a deep cave.


“You saved me.” said the large guardian. “My names Demiking. What’s your’s?”

“I’m Darklen nice to meet you.”

“That was a,big sacrifice ther-” Demiking cuts off. “I’ve got to head back to battle.” Demiking leaves the cave.

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