Doctor Appointments Galore

This past month has been full of doctor appointments. Physical therapy for my arm and shoulder as well as chiropractor regularly to get everything lined up again.

We made a visit to the geneticist. I, Mom, have now been diagnosed with Connective Tissue Disorder NOS (Not otherwise specified). This didn’t come as a surprise. It was more of a validation of how my body has acted different all my life. The geneticist has also decided to run genetic tests on the boys to see if there is any information to be found there. She is running a general panel for Rethan to check for missing or added chromosomes or something like that. There is so much new information always being thrown at me that I can’t always remember the exact names. I really need to get better at writing things down, but sometimes that’s hard in the moment. For Shaynen she is running the connective tissue panel. She is concerned with some things she noticed that may indicate classical or vascular Ehlers Danlos. Either of these would be much more serious than the hypermobile Ehlers Danlos he is currently diagnosed with. Both of these types have genetic markers so hopefully the test will rule them out. Right now we wait for insurance to pre-approve the tests before we can even order them.

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