A Creek Right Next Door

The boys were excited when we pulled into our camping spot. There were woods to explore, a playground to play on and a CREEK right next to the camp site.

Often at doctor appointments the doctor has asked me if I exercise regularly. I reply that I have two boys that I have to keep up with. The doctor usually laughs at this, but it is actually kind of true. I may not do as much as they do all day, but I definitely walk and explore more with them than I would otherwise.

Our first outing for the day was to check out the forest. They wanted to see if there was a good spot for building a fort. They found a couple of potential spots, but they were too far from the campsite for my comfort. I tried to convince them to build one in the pine forest. It felt almost surreal to me there. The branches were all high off the ground, but formed a ceiling high above. The pine needles on the ground kept brush and sticker bushes from growing. The boys felt the magic also, but they didn’t think it was a good spot for a fort. It was good bit of exercise for us though. Shaynen needed some rest afterwards, but he was ready to go again after awhile.

Into the woods

The boys both spent some time at the playground to give it a good try before they pointed out what they liked and didn’t like about it. They liked the concept of the white water raft type toy, but not how it was made. They liked the steps that were made to look like trees. Even fooled me until I got up close to them. But overall they rated the park average.

Playground review, Jefferson County Park Campground playground, Fairfield, IA. Rated 5, 6

Then the boys discovered the CREEK!! I was tired. I was ready to call it a day and just sit in the RV and rest, but I couldn’t do that. For one, I’m the camera person for the YouTube videos. For two, if they are left alone too long they tend to argue or fight. And three, I’m still a protective mom. I try not to helicopter parent, but I stay close enough to help when needed. Both of them have some disinhibition issues so I often have to step in as the voice of reason. (Inhibition is that little voice in your head that tells you to stop before you do something you shouldn’t. For them, that little voice often doesn’t react fast enough for their brain to process.) So I followed them to the creek area. I’ll let the videos tell you about the fun at the creek.

Exploring the creek

In search of a slorking spot

A muddy find, but is it slorking worthy

A slorking muddy mess

Is it slork or gorp? You decide

The next day before we left Rethan and I went in search of the swinging bridge. It wasn’t a very spectacular swinging bridge, but the walk there was nice. I enjoy sometimes having time with just one of my sons. It is different interacting with just one instead of both at once. I was sad that Shaynen was not feeling up to the walk, but it turned out to be further than I expected so I was glad he knew his limits.

In search of the swinging bridge

I was tired when we got back from the walk to the bridge, but Rethan wanted to gather some of the bright red leaves. He has his own style of doing things.

Hunting for autumn leaves, boy style





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