Welcome to Little Zebra Dragons

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This is our new normal.

My two boys and I live in our RV with our cats.

This was a choice we made to be able to spend more time together because we realized that the future is fragile.

We came to this realization after I had 8 surgical procedures within a 2 year span. During that same time my sons were diagnosed with several major life changing disorders.

All of these events helped me realize that the future is fragile. (more about us)

We invite you to join us on our adventures as we focus on time together and experiencing the world.

15 Comments on “Welcome to Little Zebra Dragons

    • Thank you we are so glad that you enjoyed it. We are really starting to love our fans and enjoy making the videos. We enjoy knowing that people are watching and enjoying.

  1. That’s great that your able to live in your RV!! That is so awesome!! I’d love to follow your journey!! I know how fragile time together is!! I’ve been handicapped for 32+ years, and became very disabled when i injured my back more carrying my 2nd child. My kids have also been diagnosed with major issues, so I can relate to your story, and i can’t wait to follow you!!❣️😊

    • Thank you. I’m so glad that you’re able to follow our journey and live vicariously through us. Remember to look us up on YouTube as well, little zebra dragons there as well. And we have a Facebook group. Sorry I took so long to reply. I didn’t realize I had some comments here.

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