The dentist for all

Our Saturday started with dental check ups for all of us. Actually it started with teaching several hours before the dentist, but I do that every day. The boys and I had our checkups and scheduled our follow ups to get work done. Rethan will have his last 3 baby teeth removed since the permanent teeth are trying to come in.

Then I took the smaller residential streets back toward camp since today was very windy. Living in an RV and driving it as our only vehicle has made me learn to be more aware of the weather, especially the wind. If it is windy enough I will cancel appointments and we will stay in camp. If we are camped close to town and just going on residential type streets we can function with it a little more windy, but going on the interstate or roads without windbreaks on each side like houses and trees is more limited.

We like when we can stay at Walnut Creek Recreation Area near Papillion because when we leave the campground we are almost immediately in residential areas. The wind has to be strong to force us to cancel. When we are at Mahoney it is more difficult. The drive into Omaha is wide open on the interstate, including crossing a large bridge where the wind blows hard with nothing to slow it down. The interstate is also more difficult in the higher wind because driving faster gives you less reaction time to gusts of wind. The worst part of driving on the interstate or highway when its windy, at least for me, is when a semi passes. There is a push of wind in front of the semi that pushes you to the side and then another large movement of air as they pass you. I have to be constantly on alert to compensate for the changes in the wind when they pass.

But back to today, we were able to take smaller residential roads and get back to camp fairly stress free even with the moderate wind gusts. Then I took a much needed a nap. Fridays and Saturdays when I teach in the morning and the evening I definitely need the after class nap. If I can’t take it right after class then I try to get as much of a nap as I can when I can. I am so glad that the boys have matured enough to usually let me sleep without fussing with each other. They spent this nap time working on Lego creations.

So, overall today was not very eventful. Just lots of teaching classes with some dentist appointments, windy driving and a nap in the middle.

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