The advantage of driving an RV

This morning started early like most days since I teach children in China. But usually I get my usual nap until noon after teaching. Luckily for me my last class of the morning was marked as a SNS (Student no show) after just a few minutes instead of me needing to sit through the whole class waiting to see if they showed up. Since they canceled it within 24 hours of the scheduled I still got paid in full for the class. I love when that happens, except for a few of my favorite students that I actually miss seeing if they miss a class.

Since the last class was canceled I got to take an hour nap at least. Every minute of sleep counts with the schedule I’ve been keeping lately. This is especially true on Fridays and Saturdays since I teach both in the mornings and in the evenings. I can’t just go to bed early in the evening. So while everyone else is saying TGIF, I’m working the most hours during Friday and Saturday.

After my short nap I got the boys their pills and breakfasts. Hot tea for Rethan with his Miralax mixed in. Shaynen chose hot chocolate and then Ramen noodles, but barely took a couple bites of noodles before he figured out he had eaten too much all at once. His stomach is finicky and likes to reject food if he eats too much or the wrong things or sometimes just for no reason at all. That is the sad case of living with cyclic vomiting syndrome. Fortunately his migraine medicine keeps the cycle in check most of the time. However we are currently having trouble with his insurance not wanting to cover this medication. Hopefully the doctors will convince the insurance that he needs it and get it approved with the new insurance.

I had physical therapy for me first thing this morning. We worked on some strengthening on my elbows and wrists, especially my left arm. Then it was my favorite part of PT, soft tissue work. This is another way to say massage. I get to sit and let the therapist massage my shoulder and arm. I have been in physical therapy since last winter. I’ve had a number of different physical therapists. The first one worked on my elbow and my frozen shoulder. The others seemed to forget that my arm is attached to my shoulder. They were just focused on increasing my flexibility in my elbow.

I am so glad I decided to switch to Key Complete Therapies. They have been doing the PT and OT for my boys this year and I really like how they know what they are doing with connective tissue disorder and POTS. They are the first therapists with my arm to treat the whole area. I was afraid to change to them at first because the other therapists were all upper limb specialists. Now I wish I would have changed long ago. My arm has been feeling so much more relaxed after the soft tissue work. It’s hard to get an arm to straighten out when the muscles are all in knots.

I was so relaxed after the PT session that I was ready to take a nap again. But there were other things to do. First I had to make a number of phone calls concerning paperwork and appointments. Then Shaynen asked if we could please go back to the Bricks and Minifigs store for more Legos.

He is preparing some MOCs (My Own Creation) for an upcoming Brick Fair next weekend. He is making many mechs and miniature space ships to display. So we spent a little over an hour there for him to look through the bins of loose Legos finding all the small ones that he can use. We are so excited that we have found this store because he can buy just the little pieces that he wants instead of needing to buy sets to get the specific pieces he wants. Its still $20 for a quart size bag, but that’s much cheaper than he could get his pieces new.

Here are a few of his Lego MOCS

By the time we left there I was so tired that I insisted I get to take a nap. I found parking by our next appointment, had a quick snack and then climbed back into bed. That is a big advantage to driving an RV everywhere we go I can eat or sleep almost any time. I got almost a three hour nap before the phone calls started coming in confirming appointments for next week and asking if I’d be willing to take a survey about last week’s appointment. Even though I was woke up before my alarm I was rejuvenated and ready for the rest of the day.

One more appointment then back to camp with just enough to set up my classroom and test everything before class. Just a few classes today spread out over the evening so in between I got the boys supper and did some cleaning and organizing. Rethan decided to go to sleep early since he has been waking up soon after I get up in the mornings. Shaynen enjoyed the relative quiet to work on his Lego creations some more before he called it a night. So now it is just the cats and I as I teach a few more classes before heading to bed myself.

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