Ninja time

We spent the day at my sister’s house. We will be staying with her for the next week and then we will be dog sitting for her for the couple of weeks after. I must admit it is nice to be back in the house for short periods of time although traveling in the RV is fantastic.

We had a lot of fun today doing some baking. We pot a kit for making gingerbread men except the cookie cutters are shaped like ninjas. The gingerbread in the mix was not near enough. Only one of each kind of ninja. So we mixed up a bigger batch of gingerbread. We also have to mix up some marshmallow fondant to decorate them with. We didn’t get it all done we did make a big mess with powdered sugar everywhere and lots of sugar being eaten by all the children.

Tomorrow we will decorate the ninjas and decorate our gingerbread houses. We will also be doing lots of baking for Thanksgiving like pies and cakes things like that.

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