Night hike

Mom, there are fireworks going off!!

Rethan came running over to the RV from the playground. Shaynen and I headed out of the RV with him to see if we could actually see the lights from the sounds we could hear.

We could see the flashes of light in the sky, but not the fireworks. We walked down the hill and out of the campground into the large park area still looking for a view of the fireworks.

Eventually we figured out that we wouldn’t be able to see the fireworks, but by that time we were enjoying our walk. Shaynen said that it was nice and cool so he felt like running because he felt better. We walked, and they ran, on the path by the lake for a bit.

I snapped a couple of pictures but then turned my phone off and put it in my pocket. I wanted to protect our night vision and just enjoy the walk with the boys. (no fussing or feuding with each other).

I had us turn around before we went too far for fear that Shaynen’s leg’s would suddenly give out on the way home. I timed it about right because before we made it back to the campground his legs were feeling like jelly. The walk up the last hill they were hurting and he wasn’t sure that he would make it. But he made it and I didn’t have to leave him sitting while I went for the wheelchair.

We all enjoyed our little night hike and talked about maybe doing this more often to take advantage of the cool evenings. Although maybe in the future we would try to walk before dark most of the time.

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