Limping back

The alternator is most likely out on the RV. We charged it up staying at Clear Lake State Park Saturday and Sunday night so that if we do need to get it towed there would be mechanic shops open to call today Monday. We are planning to limp back to my brothers repair shop in Nebraska  about 70 or 80 miles at a time. Then charge up in between.

We made it about 100 miles south to the little town of Slater Iowa. There city park is very nice and has a number of 110 outlets around the park. We plugged in and charged up our batteries again so we could go for another hop on our way back to Nebraska.

But then here’s the twist there’s a change in plans.

We connected with our friends that we met at the sugar beet harvest, the family with six kids. They are going to be in Des Moines tonight which is only about 45 minutes from here. So instead of continuing on to to my hometown as fast as we can, we will instead meet up with them tonight and see what goes on from there.

So for now we will so for now we will drive about 30 miles to the State Park campground that they were already planning to be at. And they will get there a little bit later this evening.

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