Iowa State Capitol building

Today we joined friends to go check out the Iowa State Capitol building and Iowa history museum. It was pretty cool although it made for a long day.

I was very glad that I decided to take Shayne’s wheelchair in case he got tired because I know that without it he would have been tired and or hurting and ask him to go home before the end of our adventure. By using his wheelchair he still has some energy left back at Camp to enjoy time with his friends before bedtime.

The Capitol building was very cool to see of course. Lots of gold building and lots of marble. 29 different colors of marble in fact. I think other than the Grandeur of the Rotonda and going up to the top of the Rotunda, my favorite part of the tour was the library. There are two spiral staircases with white cast iron railings and there were four levels of books with cast iron railings on each one. They used to use a dumb waiter to get the books down from each level although that dumb waiter is no longer in operation. It was very pretty to see. Anyone can go into the library to research, but only lawyers and legislature people can check items out.

A few other cool things were the alabaster carvings at the bottom of the grand staircase. Each part of the Garland was unique with lots of different Little Things carved in like butterflies and bugs and a little lizard

There were two statues that were supposed to be for Illinois state capitol but they didn’t like them so one of the same artist was working at the Iowa State Capitol and brought them here and Iowa liked them and purchase them. Recently some people from Illinois came and asked to have them back, but Iowa said no we’ve had them a long time and we have the receipt to prove that we did purchase them. They are ours. So Illinois made some notes and info to be able to make replicas of them.

Then over at the history museum there was a huge tree cookie, more like tree table, from a tree that was 267 years old when it was cut down. It was apparently on its way to the Columbian Exposition in Chicago but was mistakenly unloaded in Des Moines. I guess it must have been too much trouble to load it again because it’s still in Des Moines. So that’s 2 things that were supposed to go to Illinois but ended up in Iowa. I wonder if there are more?



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