Hitchcock, Lewis and Clark

You started her day today at the Hitchcock Nature Center. Its a very nice Nature Center. All of the kids really loved playing at the nail thing where they have a whole bunch of plastic nails and you put your face in and it shows on the other side. It’s actually made to do that with animal tracks, but of course our kids have their own version.

there were building blocks with some natural wood blocks in it and a grip tester that would show your hand strength compared to a bald eagle talon strength. Wreath in got up to 40 pounds of pressure per square inch. And Eagle can do 400. They had a cool thing where you could see how a raptor source and how a raptor flaps its wings.

We went up the observation tower and talk to a gentleman there who was observing Hawks and Counting them. Whethan asked him questions and glad to answer them. Shaynen also went up to the top of the tower which is 45 feet in the air. He’s very afraid of heights and sometimes with his dysautonomia he can get dizzy from Heights or big Open Spaces. He knew this but decided he wanted to try it anyhow. He did get all the way to the top but one look over the side was enough and he was ready to come back down. I was still proud of him for trying it and going up, facing his fears

From there we headed out to the Lewis and Clark national parks museum at the national park Midwest office. The boys looked at things and learned stuff of course. They both aren’t there Junior Ranger badge. Rethan was grossed out that they used to use a bison Splatter for a water bag.

Shaynen was feeling tired, worn out, drained just from the museum and I think from an accumulation of being so active days in a row. He went back to the van to wait for everyone while we went on the pedestrian bridge that goes all the way across the Missouri River. We went to the point where it showed that you could be in Iowa and Nebraska at the same time. The bridge is very cool but it was very cold so we didn’t spend too much time up there.

Then we made a stop at Walmart will ride transfer their prescriptions to get them filled. Unfortunately I found out a little more about how Iowa Medicaid works. We had I found out a little more about how Iowa Medicaid works. Apparently for a prescription to be filled by Iowa Medicaid it must be prescribed by a doctor who is on the Iowa Medicaid list. So I have to establish their doctors in Iowa before I can get all their pills filled. Hopefully just getting a primary doctor will be enough to get it started until I can get all the Specialists going. It was frustrating to say the least.

We’ve made the decision that tomorrow we will stay at the camper and rest. The Tumbleweed family is going to an art museum which we would love to go with them, but Shane definitely needs some rest. And I will probably benefit from some rest as well. I have a toothache that is hurting and I think taking a lot out of me along with worrying about the RV and the stress of that yesterday. So tomorrow we will clean and rest.

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