Henry Doorly Zoo in the winter

we had a fantastic time at the Henry Doorly Zoo yesterday even though it was very cold. There are enough exhibits indoors that we were able to spend the whole afternoon visiting and we could have stayed much longer.

Our first stop was the desert. First we got to pet snake at a reptile keeper talk. Then we went into the desert big wide open warmth. There were birds that flew free in the dome. Lots of animals. Some of the animals were behind wire mesh but others were just separated by clever use of space and obstacles to keep the animals where they stay. The boys really loved the lizards and snakes of course. Shannon told the bearded dragon that he was his favorite  and he swears that the bearded dragon smiled. I think it did.  Our friend Mike got a picture of it smiling for him. It was extra cool watching the ice and snow suddenly released from the Dome and slide off the outside.

Our next stop was the rainforest. It was so hot and humid inside. Shaynen loved the arapaima as big as a grown man. We also saw vegan piranhas. A cousin of the piranha that only eats fruit. There were lots of birds flying free and monkeys with nothing between us and them. We saw a mama and baby pygmy hippopotamus. It was so adorable.

Her next stop was the insect house. First we went in with the butterflies. There were so many butterflies and moths flying everywhere. One had Brown markings but when it laid its wings down was bright blue. I think the boys liked the second part of the insect area best though with all of the different climbing sticks and tarantulas and spiders.

The biggest hit at the aquarium area was the touch tank. There were several starfish for them to touch. But a quick second we’re the Penguins. We got to see them feeding the Penguins and then there was a penguin that kept following us back and forth along the glass. But maybe the best part was the tunnel where you go under the aquarium in the Sharks and sea turtles and all of the other fish can swim over and around you. Shannon love to watch the green sea turtle playing in the bubbles as the aerator put bubbles into the aquarium. In one section A large loggerhead turtle was chilling by the glass and we got a picture next to him. The jellyfish were so cool with the blue backgrounds to really highlight them. Just so much cool stuff.

Before we knew it it was almost time for the buildings to close, but we wanted to return to the rainforest because they said the bad activity increased after 4. They were so correct. That’s were flying everywhere. It was incredibly cool, although I wasn’t really excited about getting pooped on a couple of times. But that’s the price of seeing really cool stuff I guess.

Overall we had a fantastic day. It was dark by the time we returned home but some of the Tumbleweed children came and hung out with us while their parents ran a couple of errands. Once again or RV with the life of the party as some of them sat watching a movie others are playing on their tablets and couple of them were learning to embroider. Rethan decided that he also wants to learn to sew so I’m teaching him the basics too.

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