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The youngest Tumbleweed head tried to trim her bangs but since she had not been to hair school it did not turn out quite well. Her mom decided she needed her bangs trimmed. I connected her with other local beauty shop and I decided to get my haircut while we were there. It had been about a year so I’m way overdue and I’m sure it’s better for my hair to get the split Endz and unhealthy Parts cut off.

So we walked through the snow the three blocks to the beauty shop. I posted this on our YouTube channel and had an international friend who was asking me questions more specifically about prices and things so I figured this would be a good place to share that information with him. At the small town beauty shop the prices are quite cheap and very reasonable. For her bangs to get trimmed it was only $5. Children can get their haircut for $10 and grownups it’s $14. So my very nice haircut at Freeman Hairitage in Table Rock Nebraska. It feels short to me but that always happens after a haircut. just for comparison these prices are fairly cheap compared to in the city period in the city you can find haircuts occasionally for $15 but they are at the and not to do a great job. Usually haircuts R22 $25 at a basic salon and can go up from there. I like the small-town prices for lots of things including haircuts and repairs for the RV.

are other adventure for the day was walking to one of the museums here in town. They’re closed for the winter because they usually don’t get many people wanting to see them in the winter but we were able to make arrangements to go in and see them but we had to use flashlights and we didn’t stay too long because it’s pretty cold and they don’t have the heat on. We spent a little time in the Old Country schoolhouse. All of the items in the schoolhouse are not from one Schoolhouse they’re from a number of different Country School houses and were brought to this one just as a representative type of thing. The schoolhouse itself was built around 1860’s and was used as a Schoolhouse well into the 1900s. In the middle of the school building there is a stove that was used to heat the whole classroom. Wood was used in the stove. Usually an older student wood be responsible for making sure there was would there and that it was started or very often the teacher was responsible for getting there early enough to start the fire and get everything ready there was no running water in the there was no running water in the school building

The other Museum that we went to call the Veterans Museum but we did not go to the veterans part of it we focused on one of my favorite Parts which is what is it. This is the part where there are many different older tools that you’re asked to figure out what it is. Each tool has a number and then there is a list that tells you what it is according to the numbers. That way you can first guess what it is and then look at the sheet to see if you’re right you can go to our YouTube and see some of the guesses that the kids had of what thought things were. Sometimes they were right on and figured it out quickly but other times it was hilarious to hear what they thought the items were. Are the items you would still used today but other items I’m sure most kids have never seen and many adults probably haven’t seen. Some of the things that we would still see today might be a meat grinder and a citrus juicer.

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