Cleaning? Not happening

I had planned to use today is a rest day and a clean up the RV day because it’s so disorganized. Unfortunately my toothache is hurting too much for me to do anything at all. I’ve taken ibuprofen and hoping that will take the edge off, but I think I may have to get some antibiotics 2 survive until I can get the dentist appointment made now that the insurance is set up.

Today is a day of kids do what you want because I’m not feeling up to much. I have to get up and make food too soon in that is not even a peeling.

They are enjoying more electronic time than usual although it’s frustrating for Ethan because the internet here is very very slow. Sometimes our data is good and sometimes it is not. Today he fast to wait every few seconds for his video to load the next part.

Thankfully just got off his tablet and is now playing with Legos, but as siblings will do they’re arguing about whose is whose and did someone take theirs Etc. I and some pain today so I know I have a short temper and I’m easily irritated.

I always heard about how much pain right now is when you have it done, but from the pain before I think I’ll be able to endure it knowing the pain will be gone after.


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