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Night hike

Mom, there are fireworks going off!! Rethan came running over to the RV from the playground. Shaynen and I headed out of the RV with him to see if we could actually see the lights from the sounds we could

Getting stronger

A Saturday to relax. Its nice to have a day to do nothing (ok later we will do some cleaning and organizing but mostly nothing). I love that the boys are out riding their bikes and playing in the sand.

New pcp

Checked out a new PCp today. I think we have a keeper.  She claims that she is not an expert on EDS, but I think she is as much of an expert as one can be for such a multifaceted

Learning in bursts

Learning and bursts seems to work best for my boys. If I try to cram too many lessons into one day it doesn’t register well with their brain. If we some work, then play, then work again then the work

The little things

I love having more time to spend with my boys.  Today I discovered that they both like to listen to the Scatman. Yesterday I found out that Shayne loves the music and videos of Lindsey Sterling. These are things that

Another foot

We stayed toasty for the blizzard that hit yesterday. It dropped almost another foot of snow on us. Just didn’t bother us much until we tried to thrive out of the campground to go to the activity center. Part of

A Mellow Valentines Day

Today was Valentine’s Day but we didn’t do much different from a typical day except that we went to the senior center to color bags for when they deliver food to people.. While we were there we figured out that

Play dough fun

Since we are stuck inside with the cold I decided to have the boys make some play dough to play with.  Rethan had fun making the play dough with the help of his friend.  I used the opportunity to teach

Goodbye to an icon

I started the day saying goodbye to an icon of the community. I used to deliver her newspaper to her every day when I was young. She lived almost 96 years and was buried on her birthday. I’m glad that

Hate is a strong word

Hate is a strong word: I hate being a parent to a chronically ill child. I hate it because it often makes me feel helpless when I can’t help them feel better. I hate watching my son throw up multiple