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Blue collar learning

It was very windy so we couldn’t go very far, but I decided to take the boys to the sac Air and Space Museum for a while. When we arrived in the parking lot I noticed there were a lot

More storms

We made it back to the Omaha area after some more repairs on the RV. Starting to sound like a broken record. The RV wouldn’t start for us. My brother, the mechanic, said there was a bad ground. He also

Whirlwind weekend – the fun

The boys were excited to be back in Kansas City with their best friends. And I was excited to see my best friend as well. We didn’t get to visit all of our best friends, but at least a few.

Whirlwind weekend – the drive

We are gearing up for our next adventure to begin at the end of this month.  Before that adventure my sons and I wanted to get back to Kansas City to see our best friends.  After checking with my best

A Ride with Security

Our day started out pretty typical.  I taught a couple of classes in the morning. Then I tried to get a little sleep, but that didn’t work so I got back up and drove us to Shaynen’s doctor appointment.  The

Worn out

The boys and I wore ourselves out today, but in a good way. My day started with classes at 6 a.m. (teaching English to kids in China). Then we checked out a playground and the boys went fishing for awhile. 

Family time and the big sale

  Today was the annual fireman’s Coinnsignment sale in my hometown in Southeast Nebraska. I did a very good job at the sale this year, I didn’t buy a single thing. That is really hard feet to do because there


What to do in an RV on a cold and rainy day? Build forts of course. We don’t have a pillow with cushions to use for the Fort so instead the boys have you constructed their own fort with a

Wind wind go away

This morning I made the decision to travel sooner rather than later.  For one the forecast was looking grim with this being a record storm coming in.  Like a level 2 hurricane on land, as far as the strength of

Should we stay or should we go

It seems that the snow may have stopped for the year, I say may have because we never know especially this year. However the wind and the rain have taking over instead. In the midwest, as well as other areas