Category: Medical journey

More storms

We made it back to the Omaha area after some more repairs on the RV. Starting to sound like a broken record. The RV wouldn’t start for us. My brother, the mechanic, said there was a bad ground. He also

New pcp

Checked out a new PCp today. I think we have a keeper.  She claims that she is not an expert on EDS, but I think she is as much of an expert as one can be for such a multifaceted

A Ride with Security

Our day started out pretty typical.  I taught a couple of classes in the morning. Then I tried to get a little sleep, but that didn’t work so I got back up and drove us to Shaynen’s doctor appointment.  The

Worn out

The boys and I wore ourselves out today, but in a good way. My day started with classes at 6 a.m. (teaching English to kids in China). Then we checked out a playground and the boys went fishing for awhile. 


I am so saddened by the record breaking flooding that is going on in my home state and our neighboring states.  Levees have broken. Bridges have been washed away.  One dam failed and was destroyed sending proper flooding from their

Celebration time

Celebration time this morning. I was finally able to use both hands to wash my hair.  This is the first time since I broke my elbow in December.  My orthopedic surgeon said that it is ok now to move my

New allergist, Dr. Shakir

  We saw a new allergy and asthma specialists this week. Dr. Shakir at Midwest allergy and asthma was fantastic. Dr. Shakir will be following Shaynen for his asthma.  His asthma is generally well controlled and rarely flairs, but when

New GI

We have been working to find a good doctor for each of the boys for each body system they need a specialist in. I had a very strong feeling I would like his office just from the call to schedule