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Rethan was excited to go with a friend to youth group tonight. I was a little nervous about him going where no one knows him and his little quirks and needs (and his anger issues and anxiety). It was in

Hate is a strong word

Hate is a strong word: I hate being a parent to a chronically ill child. I hate it because it often makes me feel helpless when I can’t help them feel better. I hate watching my son throw up multiple

New doctors

Today was spent establishing new doctors for myself and Shaynenn. We will establish Rethan with the doctor soon as well but they did not have an appointment right away. I am so thankful for people on Facebook groups with the

Dysautonomia diagnosis

The process to find his diagnosis of dysautonomia took about 3 years from the first time his symptoms showed up. He started having dizzy spells and what we termed as episodes where he would almost fall but not faint. Sometimes