Here is a great way that I have found to be able to enjoy lots of zoos aquariums and science museums with my family for a lot less money then it would usually cost.

We joined the Wild North Carolina Nature Center. A family membership cost us $69 includes two adults up to four children. Additional children can be added for a small fee.

This membership gets us into the almost 300 science centers that are a part of the Association of Science and Technology Centers for free or very reduced price.. It will also get into the almost 300 zoos and Aquariums that are part of the agreement through the association of zoos and aquariums. It depends on which zoo or Aquarium if we will get in for free or for 50% off.

This is one of the cheapest I have found to be able to join these groups. Usually I found the cost to be close to $100 for just one of these groups for a family membership.

I would be sharing this no matter what but if you mention my name as a referral then I can earn a month of free membership so I do have a little incentive. But this deal is great anyhow.

I have never been to the Nature Center myself, I was told about this from some good friends of mine. I went online and did everything through their website. I received an email that was my temporary membership information. Then a few weeks later I received my membership cards in the mail.

Here is the website

Keep Asheville Wild