Blue collar learning

It was very windy so we couldn’t go very far, but I decided to take the boys to the sac Air and Space Museum for a while. When we arrived in the parking lot I noticed there were a lot more cars than usual for a weekday. Once we arrived inside I saw why, there was a convention going on for Blue Collar type of work.

Lots of booths for here is how we test these types of big machines and factories, here’s how we use thermal imaging and ultrasound. The boys spent a lot of time walking around talking to these gentleman about the different types of work that would be available when they got older.

It was very informative and I think it opened up a few ideas for them of Bob’s that they didn’t realize were even available. Rethan was particularly happy with the little doodads they handed out like pens and hats and water bottles. But he also took in a lot of information of what different jobs are available for people.

Shayne enjoy talking to them as much as listening to them. One gentleman seemed impressed by Shane’s knowledge and asked him how old he was. When Shane said 13 this gentleman handed him a business card and said come look me up in 5 years if you need a job.

The air and space museum is almost always a good source for homeschool lessons, but today was even better than usual.

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