Author: Shannon

Willow Ware Memories

This teapot for the upcoming tea party brings back memories. The pattern on this teapot is called Willow Ware. Growing up my mom had a set of Willow Ware. The Willow Ware was brought back from Japan by her brother

A decade in review

I saw others listing what happened during the last decade. I started thinking back to the last 10 years and realized how much has happened in my life in the last ten years. A lot has happened, but I’ve come

2019 thinking back

I am sitting here anticipating a root canal later this week, the second day of the new year.  After that we will hopefully be ready to finally head south after a stop in Kansas City to spend time with friends. 

The dentist for all

Our Saturday started with dental check ups for all of us. Actually it started with teaching several hours before the dentist, but I do that every day. The boys and I had our checkups and scheduled our follow ups to

The advantage of driving an RV

This morning started early like most days since I teach children in China. But usually I get my usual nap until noon after teaching. Luckily for me my last class of the morning was marked as a SNS (Student no

Another busy day

My day started out early today since I had a 4:30 am class. This means I woke up a little before 4 am to prepare and be ready for my first class. Often I am able to go back to

A Creek Right Next Door

The boys were excited when we pulled into our camping spot. There were woods to explore, a playground to play on and a CREEK right next to the camp site. Often at doctor appointments the doctor has asked me if

Youtube is frustrating

I plan to start posting more on the blog since Youtube has been changing many of their rules. They have recently found one of our videos in violation of community standards so we cannot post for two weeks. The video

Doctor Appointments Galore

This past month has been full of doctor appointments. Physical therapy for my arm and shoulder as well as chiropractor regularly to get everything lined up again. We made a visit to the geneticist. I, Mom, have now been diagnosed

Night hike

Mom, there are fireworks going off!! Rethan came running over to the RV from the playground. Shaynen and I headed out of the RV with him to see if we could actually see the lights from the sounds we could