Author: Shannon

Night hike

Mom, there are fireworks going off!! Rethan came running over to the RV from the playground. Shaynen and I headed out of the RV with him to see if we could actually see the lights from the sounds we could

Getting stronger

A Saturday to relax. Its nice to have a day to do nothing (ok later we will do some cleaning and organizing but mostly nothing). I love that the boys are out riding their bikes and playing in the sand.

Blue collar learning

It was very windy so we couldn’t go very far, but I decided to take the boys to the sac Air and Space Museum for a while. When we arrived in the parking lot I noticed there were a lot

More storms

We made it back to the Omaha area after some more repairs on the RV. Starting to sound like a broken record. The RV wouldn’t start for us. My brother, the mechanic, said there was a bad ground. He also

New pcp

Checked out a new PCp today. I think we have a keeper.  She claims that she is not an expert on EDS, but I think she is as much of an expert as one can be for such a multifaceted

Whirlwind weekend – the fun

The boys were excited to be back in Kansas City with their best friends. And I was excited to see my best friend as well. We didn’t get to visit all of our best friends, but at least a few.

Whirlwind weekend – the drive

We are gearing up for our next adventure to begin at the end of this month.  Before that adventure my sons and I wanted to get back to Kansas City to see our best friends.  After checking with my best

A Ride with Security

Our day started out pretty typical.  I taught a couple of classes in the morning. Then I tried to get a little sleep, but that didn’t work so I got back up and drove us to Shaynen’s doctor appointment.  The

Worn out

The boys and I wore ourselves out today, but in a good way. My day started with classes at 6 a.m. (teaching English to kids in China). Then we checked out a playground and the boys went fishing for awhile. 


I am so saddened by the record breaking flooding that is going on in my home state and our neighboring states.  Levees have broken. Bridges have been washed away.  One dam failed and was destroyed sending proper flooding from their