Month: February 2019

New allergist, Dr. Shakir

  We saw a new allergy and asthma specialists this week. Dr. Shakir at Midwest allergy and asthma was fantastic. Dr. Shakir will be following Shaynen for his asthma.  His asthma is generally well controlled and rarely flairs, but when

After the storm

Today was our first day out after the blizzard. I would have much rather just leaving Campground we had doctor’s appointments to get to. The interstate was clear acceptor in downtown Omaha. But the side roads were terrible. We saw

Another foot

We stayed toasty for the blizzard that hit yesterday. It dropped almost another foot of snow on us. Just didn’t bother us much until we tried to thrive out of the campground to go to the activity center. Part of

New GI

We have been working to find a good doctor for each of the boys for each body system they need a specialist in. I had a very strong feeling I would like his office just from the call to schedule

Before the next snow

Today was spent at the campground. We didn’t venture anywhere  since another big storm was set to start in early afternoon. We got outside for the boys to get it some energy on the sledding hill.they were both disappointed with

Some long days

Yesterday was our last day at my sister’s house we spent the day cleaning and polishing so we could leave her house beautiful for her. This is only right since she allowed us to stay there even when she was

Snow Again

Today started out mellow spending time with our kitty cats 🐱. They enjoyed  the attention of course. Then we hit the books to finish up work that wasn’t done during the week. We also got busy cleaning house since our

A Mellow Valentines Day

Today was Valentine’s Day but we didn’t do much different from a typical day except that we went to the senior center to color bags for when they deliver food to people.. While we were there we figured out that


Rethan was excited to go with a friend to youth group tonight. I was a little nervous about him going where no one knows him and his little quirks and needs (and his anger issues and anxiety). It was in

Candy Clay

Children love to eat play dough.  So this is a recipe for candy play dough that is perfect for eating.  It is actually marshmallow fondant which is used for cake decorating, but its perfect for creating shapes with your hands.