Month: January 2019

Single bed 4 cats

It was a little difficult to get to sleep last night because all 4 of the cats decided that they were ready for attention. Cats wanting attention. Dune Bug is ALWAYS ready for attention and jumps into cute action every

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Colder than…

Today I am very glad that we were not in Chicago because Chicago was colder than Antarctica or the north Pole because of the polar vortex. It was cold enough for us here in Nebraska where we woke up to

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No Power Steering

If ever there is something we take for granted Power Steering is one of them.  Turning a corner is easy and smooth.  That is, until it stops working.  Then suddenly just backing out of a drive way takes 30 times

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No Chicken Dance

My arm is continuing to heal after the surgery. At my 1-month post-op appointment the doctor said that I could move my arm as much as I wanted start working on extension and flexing. I did say to still not


The end of 2018 threw us a curve ball when decided to arm wrestle a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Those arms are much stronger than they look.  Lol , actually, I fell and shattered the radial cap in my left arm and

2018 in review

Here’s to a wonderful fantastic 2019. 2018 had its ups and downs for our family. Early in the year I was let go from my job because my arm had still not healed from three surgeries due to a fall in