Month: December 2018

Hard time

Some thoughts on Tourette’s The explosive child is a great book to learn about tourettes. It’s so good that Our neurologist, who is nationally known for Tourettes, gave us a copy when Rethan was diagnosed. I have also taught special

Tossing and turning

I currently have a half cast on my arm from a broken elbow and torn ligaments. It extends from my wrist to just be on my elbow and keeps my elbow bent at about 90 degrees. If this cast were

Quiet house

today was my first day since the surgery where I did not use any of the prescription pain meds. Part of that was because it did not hurt too much, but the biggest reason was because I’m pretty sure I’m

Ouch is an understatement

Sorry I haven’t posted for a number of days. I usually try to update about every other day at least. Unfortunately last Tuesday I fell. We were getting ready to decorate for Christmas and there was a lid for my

New doctors

Today was spent establishing new doctors for myself and Shaynenn. We will establish Rethan with the doctor soon as well but they did not have an appointment right away. I am so thankful for people on Facebook groups with the

Dragon Lore – Flight Rising

Shaynen (X_Drakken) has discovered a new dragon game called Flight Rising .  It has been great as  a motivation for writing.  Recently we’ve been able to discuss how to use quotation marks and keeping writing in one tense ( past tense

Getting things done

The last few days have been busy with getting things done.  Catching up on laundry including blankets that still have sugar beet harvest dirt on them.  The mud from the sugar beet harvest seems to have gotten everywhere in the

Dysautonomia diagnosis

The process to find his diagnosis of dysautonomia took about 3 years from the first time his symptoms showed up. He started having dizzy spells and what we termed as episodes where he would almost fall but not faint. Sometimes