Month: November 2018

A different type of tired

Mom, can you make me something to eat? The heat of the shower really wore me out. In most households this would be an odd phrase.  How I responded would seem even more odd, but in our household this is

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Hair cut

The youngest Tumbleweed head tried to trim her bangs but since she had not been to hair school it did not turn out quite well. Her mom decided she needed her bangs trimmed. I connected her with other local beauty

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends.  We are thankful for friends and family and living a life that we love.  We are spending Thanksgiving with my sister in our home town.  Our good friends the Tumbleweed family have joined us. 

Today we baked

Today we baked. We baked gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies then we baked a cake and Magic Cookie Bars and pies. We had lots of help from eight children from ages 5 through 16. We had so much help so

Ninja time

We spent the day at my sister’s house. We will be staying with her for the next week and then we will be dog sitting for her for the couple of weeks after. I must admit it is nice to

Henry Doorly Zoo in the winter

we had a fantastic time at the Henry Doorly Zoo yesterday even though it was very cold. There are enough exhibits indoors that we were able to spend the whole afternoon visiting and we could have stayed much longer. Our

Cleaning? Not happening

I had planned to use today is a rest day and a clean up the RV day because it’s so disorganized. Unfortunately my toothache is hurting too much for me to do anything at all. I’ve taken ibuprofen and hoping

Hitchcock, Lewis and Clark

You started her day today at the Hitchcock Nature Center. Its a very nice Nature Center. All of the kids really loved playing at the nail thing where they have a whole bunch of plastic nails and you put your

Iowa State Capitol building

Today we joined friends to go check out the Iowa State Capitol building and Iowa history museum. It was pretty cool although it made for a long day. I was very glad that I decided to take Shayne’s wheelchair in

Limping back

The alternator is most likely out on the RV. We charged it up staying at Clear Lake State Park Saturday and Sunday night so that if we do need to get it towed there would be mechanic shops open to