Month: October 2018

Workamping at the sugar beet harvest may be for you if… have experience in the rodeo because it will come in handy to be able to hog tie the sample bags. …you ever wanted to be taller because if you don’t constantly scrape the mud off your boots you will

Waiting for the Rainbow

Waiting for a rainbow.  Waiting for the rain to stop.  We’re still here at the Sugar Beet Harvest. It’s almost like the movie Groundhog day, we wonder if it will ever end. Except there is no romance here, just lots

Stuck in the RV

The sugar beet harvest was supposed to be done by now, but we aren’t even half way there yet.  Being stuck in the RV most of the time when its too cold or rainy outside has caused cabin fever, but

Come on Big Money

I’m beginning to feel like I’m on Wheel of Fortune.  When they spin the wheel and say, “Come on big money!”  I am so ready to get back to work and earn the big money that I came here for. 

The Spoon Theory is Not Enough

The spoon theory has been helpful way to explain how people with chronic conditions have to deal with only having so much energy. We only have so many spoons each day and every thing we do takes a spoon. It’s

Why my son has a wheelchair

Most people who see my children and I, wonder why we have a wheelchair in our RV. When I tell them it is for my oldest son, I usually receive a questioning expression since he usually has so much energy

The Healing of the Beets

Yeah, I’m so happy. The beets are healing themselves. I didn’t know that was a thing, but apparently sugar beets can heal themselves after a freeze. I had thought that we were waiting for the fields to dry out so

Here Comes the Sun

We have been here exactly two weeks and finally we saw lots of sun today. It was windy too, a cold wind, but a wind that will hopefully helped to dry out the fields so we can get back to

A visit to the Sugar Beet Museum

It just seemed right to visit the Sugar Beet Museum while we are here for the sugar beet harvest. Besides we have plenty of time since we haven’t worked in a week and probably won’t be back to piling beets

Sugar Beet Harvest, Idle time and comparisons

Today is the 13th, but it is no longer Friday. It’s Saturday which means that we have been at the Sugar Beet Harvest for 2 weeks now. Most years the harvest is done by now and everyone is either gone